28 Days Later [Blu-ray] [2017]

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28 Days Later [Blu-ray] [2017]

28 Days Later [Blu-ray] [2017]

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Pure Rage" (24 minutes) is a unique behind-the-scenes featurette that begins with an investigation into viral epidemics and outbreaks. The best horror films use the monsters as a means to an end, and Boyle ably follows in the footsteps of the masters, while still making a picture that is undeniably his own. The film is really extraordinary, and is a really special film, but the movie itself is meant to be quiet, and scary, so the audio isn't so explosive. Jim soon discovers the hard way that in less than a month, Rage wiped out all the major population centers in England. To make matters worse, in the editing process, Danny Boyle purposely degraded the picture even further, leaving only the film's denouement untouched (and the only portion actually shot on celluloid, for that matter).

Twenty-eight days later, a bandaged Jim is shown waking up in recovery again, this time on one side of a double bed in a remote cottage. After luring West and one of his men to the blockade, Jim runs back to the soldiers' headquarters where he unleashes Mailer, an infected soldier that West kept chained outside for observation. If you want to get more precise, the movie clearly shows its digital video roots, with a harshness that one doesn't get from film.The film in itself is a really scary movie, and this low quality idea of filming, in my opinion, complemented that. However, the more obvious dv elements brought about by the blu-ray transfer are closer to how it looked in theaters, especially since it creates the intended contrast with the ending which was shot with traditional 35mm cameras. Some edginess occasionally interfered with speech, but the lines mostly came across as distinct and well represented. I've always been a fan of Danny boyle's films 🎥 and to be honest 28 days later was the perfect and best masterpiece to come to our screens when it did!

Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. As he leaves the hospital, he discovers London is completely deserted and rife with signs of catastrophe. The plot is not so much a horror story as a well contructed post-apocalyptic tale set in England, where a highly contagious rabies-like disease has wiped out nearly the entire population, with a very few unaffected individuals trying to survive and escape to a place the infection hasn't reached.The performances are strong, the tone is refreshingly realistic, and the director brings a unique touch to the horror genre that sets the film apart from the crowd. They reveal that while Jim was comatose, the virus spread uncontrollably among the populace, turning most people into vicious monsters ("the Infected") and resulting in societal collapse, possibly on a global scale. As the approaching jet flies over the landscape, the Infected lie in the streets dying of starvation.

Detail is the tiniest bit sharper than the DVD, but it's a minor improvement that's an inherent product of the increased resolution. Had Stuart known it was SD before putting the disc in then the PQ wouldn't have been such a disappointment and he might have enjoyed the film more. Within 28 days the country is overwhelmed and a handful of survivors begin their attempts to salvage the future, little realizing that the deadly virus is not the only thing that threatens them. I love the whole intensity of the blood thirsty rage virus sufferers who go round literally making London a living hell and nightmare that's totally unimaginable in our reality as we know it! Ultimately, 28 Days Later provides an intermittently interesting flick, but it doesn’t muster a great deal of consistent appeal.Invited to spend the night, Selena and Jim privately debate whether they should remain with Frank and Hannah. Garland chimes in somewhat infrequently, but he adds some nice insight into the story and even criticizes his own work at times. For the most part, these really just replicate parts of the teaser, though in a cool graphic novel style. Things don't stay simple, though, as West becomes drunk with power, forcing Jim to choose between his empathy and his survival. There are no less than three endings available, in addition to the one in the film, all with commentary from Boyle and Garland.

The film’s occasional action sequences mostly work well, but its many quieter bits seem less compelling. days after the initial outbreak, a man named Jim (Cillian Murphy) awakens from a coma in an empty hospital, oblivious to the outbreak that has consumed his homeland. Using their battle experience, they've been able to isolate their little patch of land from the surrounding chaos. The “Radical” one was never shot, so Garland and Boyle act out the scene from the script along with storyboards. The pair sit together for a running, screen-specific chat that covers a fair amount of useful material.The undead should be lumbering creatures of instinct that overwhelm their victims, instead of running them down. Aside from the visually arresting scenes of Jim wandering a thoroughly desolate London (shot with such effective economy and simplicity that the filmmakers behind I Am Legend really could have benefited by following Boyle's example), later in the film he comes across a compound run by soldiers. They tell him precisely what happened and eventually go to Jim’s house to find out what fate befell his family.

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