Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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Luke's interactions with him are a little frustrating, as he's clearly insane, but Luke is in such a vulnerable place as a Jedi that he's willing to admit he may be wrong about what he knows, and concedes to C'baoth. Heck, one waits across the protagonists´ chapters to meet the bad one again, that´s truly a well developed character.

For a moment those glowing eyes studied him, and Pellaeon unconsciously braced himself for a reprimand, or worse. It could well be that in the rush to evacuate his base he left some crucial bit of information behind. Due to the events that led to the Battle of Sluis Van, lead smuggler Talon Karrde has left his base on Myrkr and is now fleeing from Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial forces. He hadn’t spoken or moved from that position since the last of the ground forces had reported in, and Pellaeon could tell the bridge crew was beginning to get restless.The first and biggest problem with the Thrawn Trilogy is the portrayal of the central characters from the original Star Wars films. I find it unlikely that a man of Talon Karrde’s cunning would set up a base in the middle of a forest without also setting up security contacts with others outside the immediate area. Me gusta también que se hable un poquito sobre la muerte del Emperador, que parece ser un hecho trivial pero aquí se sabe que el punto en el espacio donde estaba la segunda estrella de la muerte deja una impronta maligna en la Fuerza por dicha muerte. THE CONClUSION: Dark Force Rising could have been a lot better, but I still found it to be a good book. Every time I encounter Thrawn in the Star Wars universe, I’m impressed with how excellent of a villain he is.

Aun así estoy seguro que habrá novelas que disfrutare más aún que las de Zahn (y menos seguramente, habrá cada mierda ahí. Luke could have had more chapters I felt because I like to see him showcase his powers more and show off that he's changed from that naive boy on Tatooine. Elsewhere, Leia Organa Solo keeps the promise she made with the Noghri known as Khabarakh back on the planet Kashyyyk in the previous novel and arrives on Khabarakh's devastated home planet of Honoghr. Luke began studying under him despite a feeling that his teachings were obviously off compared to what he’d learned from Obi-Wan and Yoda, though it’s heavily implied C’baoth was mentally influencing him with the Force so he wouldn’t actually realise how clearly un-Jedi he was.Characters grapple with ethical dilemmas and the weight of their loyalties, adding depth to their arcs. However, Dark Force Rising takes whatever potential the series may have had and murders it brutally with a lightsaber to the groin. Yet most dangerous of all is a new Dark Jedi, risen from the ashes of a shrouded past, consumed by bitterness…and scheming to corrupt Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side. La parte de Leia es la que más me ha gustado, ver su punto de vista como embajadora y política, además de su parcial entrenamiento como Jedi. Esta reseña estará libre de spoilers de la obra salvo en una pestaña aparte, pero algo tendrá también de la primera parte.

Maybe it would have worked better if we got inside Thrawn's head this time but it's still the same thing where it's all through the point of view of captain Palleon. This is the part I like the least, giving the empire too much of an advantage (they take about 170 for just 30 for the Republic. Intrigue and spy craft at every turn all the while giving life to one of the Empire's most sadistic, cold-blooded ruthless dictators in History: Thrawn! The number of ships available could tip the tide of the war in favor of the side that discovers the location and retrieves the ships.Grand Admiral Thrawn remains an excellent villain, but his character was slightly weakened by the amount of blunders he made in this one. The plot revolves around everyone in the novel trying to find a bunch of lost spaceships that are such an amazing prize because . Talon Karrde and Mara Jade are still favorites, and I’m looking forward to seeing their roles in The Last Command!

Meanwhile, Leia Organa Solo continues to investigate the Noghri, a strange alien race that has been attempting to capture her and her unborn twins. I say that this might not be fair because in reality, they aren't that bad; the plot is certainly interesting enough to hold your attention, especially if you're a Star Wars fan. Even though he didn't have much airtime, Wing Commander Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron was becoming a character which I really liked. He worked well in the first book as an insert for us the readers- he was an officer from the time period of the original movies and Thrawn would tell him how he makes such brilliant deductions. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice.

Lo de Han y Lando también es interesante, además de ser con ellos con los que aprendemos sobre La Fuerza Oscura, una flota de 200 cruceros acorazados manejables con muy poco personal y que decantaría el lado de cualquiera que lo tuviera. Thrawn has escalated his plan to the next stage, having successfully captured several of the Emperor's assets, including his very secret storage facility on Wayland.

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