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Dissolving Illusions

Dissolving Illusions

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But, as a layman, I really don't know what evidence those highly trained medical professionals have to refute the contentions made in this book. You either do what you're told or you will not be allowed to participate in this crap society they are making for us to bleat around in.

Her book lays out the history of vaccines starting from the 1800's going through actual historical documents. Interesting information but lacks opinion and up to date information on vaccines introduced in the last 30 years with a lack of scientific data. There is a lot to take in especially being a layperson but I plowed through it and looked up words I didn't know.They may not consider the potential for long-term effects from vaccines or the complex absence of safety data on the vaccine program their children are participating in.

TL;DR -- the book is still very much worth reading, and while some of the objections have more merit than others, none suffice to dismiss the central ideas or history presented in the book, which you should definitely still get and read for yourself. It's not often you read a book that peels back the layers and means you realise what a massive lie society has been fed and nourished on - in particular the great small pox and polio vaccine success myths. There had been a dramatic health improvement when the population worked less hours ( mothers could then nurse their children and take a good care of them) , when it started to have access to clean water, when it had a better diet 3/ Vaccines had severe side effects that were hidden from the general public, especially the vaccines made from other animals' cells 4/ Natural immunity is much better than a vaccine-induced immunity 5/ There had been numerous protestation movements against compulsory vaccination, the most notable one is the Leicester anti-vaccination movement. That is that I am aware that a very large majority of highly trained medical professionals would strenuously disagree with it.Have read better books on the subject but if you want a history of disease in the last two centuries it is useful. Hoy se nos dice que las intervenciones médicas, y exclusivamente ellas, prolongaron la esperanza de vida y evitaron muertes masivas. Leaving it in and mentioning that anecdotal stories are "not as obvious" within the book, it sounds as though he couldn't find any beyond the author's personal introductions, which are, by definition, a more informal avenue of discussion between the readers and the authors.

Professor Rintoul argues that the authors have constructed a textbook example of pseudoscience, manipulating facts and twisting narratives to present a simplistic and false worldview which is used to arrive at predetermined and "dangerous" conclusions.Again, it is thoroughly footnoted and it certainly cannot be said that the author did not back up her arguments. And if there’s food for thought, it’s that we were essentially incentivised to have a bad pandemic response. The first negative review is titled “Pseudoscience Classic” by David Rintoul, which was the more measured and articulate of the two. Our Catholic school (My parents went to, me and my wife went to, our kids went to) sent home a letter from the office of the poop I mean pope and it stated that "they are aware of the fact that some vaccines are made with fetal cells but since we are not the ones responsible for the death of those fetuses that its ok to take the vaccine", so shut up and take the shot and give us all your money if you want to come to our school.

For the welfare of future generations become informed and be prepared to make wise decisions when it comes to your children's vaccinations. This book is helping me slowly wrap my mind around whats happening today - we are repeating history, and lot of it is scary and bad, the foundations of which are based on beliefs and law precedences set in the time period in this book.

Anyone who says that people who question the safety of vaccines are conspiracy-theorizing science-deniers need to read this book. Isabella also intentionally misquotes the passage in claim 7 by changing "significant impact on on lowering measles risk when compared to non-breastfeeding" to "far larger impact on measles risk than vaccinating". Desde entonces, muchos países desarrollados se han transformado: de ser cloacas donde prosperaba todo tipo de enfermedades han pasado a ser hábitats mucho más seguros y saludables.

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