Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: The Cannibal Killer

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Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: The Cannibal Killer

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: The Cannibal Killer

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One of the many reasons I enjoyed this book was the Hannibal lector quotes; "bowels in or bowels out?" and "I must confess to you, I am giving very serious thought to eating your wife inspector pazzi." I love Hannibal and have a tattoo based on the silence of the lambs 😊 It was my way of remembering their appearance, their physical beauty. I always wanted to keep...if I couldn't keep them with me whole, I at least could keep their skeletons." - Dahmer, The Journal Times, 8 February 1993 Jeff came from a family where his parents argued, they cheated on one another and they hated one another..but Jeff claimed his childhood was great. Who know really how Jeff came to be a murderer and necrophiliac. Over time Jeffrey Dahmer became sloppy, he was comfortable in his position of power over young men and boys, he may have believed that people would never discover his secret, dark double he lived, but I also believe that he became tired of killing & wanted to eventually to be caught. the sheer number of times he uses the words "layer-cake" and "metamorphose" is frankly quite annoying

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer’s Chilling

One of the huge annoyances of this particular book is the author's habit of going off on tangents. Whilst I am aware of him mentioning this habit himself, it didn't make it any less annoying. I can completely understand drawing comparisons between Dahmer and other serial killers, but some of it was entirely irrelevant. The first chapter of the book had very little information on Dahmer or anything really relating to him except for the number of muscles a body has, litres of blood etc. his summary was initially mostly about OTHER serial killers. His ending paragraph was not words of his own, but of Ted Bundy's Even if he wasn't turned on by his fantasies, or what he did to his 17 victims, I think that it was sexually satisfying for him to totally control, dominate, own/possess his victim, consume a part of them so they would be with him forever. A lot of people read true crime to learn what red flags to pay attention to in a the behaviour of men or women. Always trust your intuition, instincts.

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His crimes, were sexually motivated, they were also motivated by Jeffrey Dahmer feeling extreme loneliness, isolation, he wanted to have friends, companionship, he wanted to be loved. We always ask ourselves, “Why?”“Why did she do this?”“Why did he cause such harm.” Things like that. This person on Tik Tok was a paramedic. She said that the worst case she ever dealt with was the homicide of two young children. She asked her boss, “How can someone do something like this?” And her boss responded with, “The day you can figure it out you become one of them.” And it is true isn’t it? The fact that we cannot comprehend the nature of such crimes is our sanity. If one or both parents have a predilection for violence, then the child is more likely to grow up to become violent themself, especially when they grown up in a unstable/unhappy home environment, so the child spends all their time alone or with their siblings to avoid violence, conflict. i also think it was weird how there were a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes in this book, as it was written by a reputable and well renowned criminologist (where was the proof reading???)

Inside The Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer book review: a disturbing Inside The Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer book review: a disturbing

As if that wasn't bad enough, Lionel waited until Jeffrey had been incarcerated for 15 murders (2 not accounted for in charges) before he admitted that he had also had disturbing and destructive behaviour related thoughts throughout his life! It begs belief! Furthermore, Jeff had started to consume alcohol and by 14 he was an alcoholic. The school, obviously concerned about Jeff turning up drunk and failing classes, informed Lionel. Most parents I know would have been absolutely livid, but Lionel just decided to have 'a talk' with Jeff, which as a typical teen, he ignored. At this time Lionel claimed that Jeff was already 'too addicted' so it didn't work. I feel that this was a lie to try and cover for the fact that Lionel didn't actually try to help Jeff. It's always interesting to explore the question "what makes a serial killer?" Berry-Lee attempts to answer this question by exploring Jeffrey Dahmer's relationship with his parents and his early upbringing. Thank you to Ad Lib books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the comments and opinions expressed in this review are my own.however i didn’t like how opinionated the author was from the start, and although i sometimes appreciate jokes / dark humour when appropriate to lighten the mood when speaking about heavy topics, i found the jokes in this book pretty cringe to be honest.

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